Fall detector

Fall detector / Distress push

The radio operated fall detector / distress push will send a signal via a receiver to your nurse call system to alert the staff of a possible fall.

Fall detector / distress push

The sensor and stand, photographed with a book of postage stamps to illustrate the size.
Actual dimensions are: 73 x 41 x 30mm (with clip)

The fall detector can be worn with the supplied neck cord (with safety release) or on the user’s belt or shirt pocket. It is waterproof, so can be used in the shower or taken outside.

When the device is tilted more than 60 degrees in any direction for 10 seconds or more, a signal is sent to the receiver. This then raises an alarm in your nurse call system, to which the receiver connected.

A push button can also be used to summon help.

If the tilt sensor is activated for a short time during normal movement no signal will be sent. But the fall detector should not be used in a trouser pocket as sitting will activate the alarm.

When not in use it should be kept on the supplied stand (shown in the photo).

Instruction leaflet with technical specifications (PDF)